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Summit Theological Seminary exists for the specific purpose of teaching the Bible, the Bible sciences, and related practical ministry courses. 

Though it is not confined to those who are ministers of the Gospel, it was established for the purpose of recruiting and educating men for the ministry. The school was also designed to help encourage located ministers to finish their degree program. 

It is a great opportunity for those who wish to continue working toward either an undergraduate or graduate level degree by Independent Study. 

                                         Though Summit Theological Seminary never has nor will seek
                                         accreditation, you will find it provides a top quality Bible education.
About Us
Summit’s President is Terry A. Carter. Brother Carter attended the following schools: 
At Tri-State University he earned an Associate of Technology (’86)
From Purdue University a Bachelor of Science (’89)
From Summit Theological Seminary a Bachelor of Theology (’96), and a Master of Arts in Theology (’99)
From Purdue a Master of Science (2002).

Before entering the ministry, Brother Carter worked as a Software Engineer. He began working for a Fortune 500 Company. Later he traveled the world working on computer controlled machinery. Then he spent some time as a plant manager for a gold refinery. Finally he began his own computer consulting company.

Brother Carter has held ministries in Stryker, OH; Archbold, OH; Fort Wayne, IN; and Millington, MI.  

Brother Carter returned to Fort Wayne in 1998 to help begin Northside Church of Christ where he served for 9 years. 

Brother Carter has had articles published in several religious journals. He has spoken at a number of Family Camps, Retreats, Clinics and Revivals. He has taught on a college level at both Purdue University and Summit Theological Seminary and was the principal of Harlan Christian School for 7 years until August of 2013. On August 1st, 2013, Brother Carter assumed the Presidency at Summit as Brother Faull assumed the Chancellor/Founder position.  

He currently serves as Trustee at Person to Person Ministries and is the Preacher at the Church of Christ at Grissom in Peru, IN.

Summit Theological Seminary's Chancellor is George L. Faull. 

Mr. Faull attended the following schools: 
Lexington Christian Bible College, Lexington, KY ('58-'60)
St. Louis Christian College, Florissant, MO ('60-'61)
Midwestern School of Evangelism, Ottumwa, IA ('61-'62)
From the latter institution he earned the Bachelor of Sacred Literature. 
He then began new churches from '62 to '66 in Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. He received his Bachelor of Theology in '70, and his M.A. in Theology in '72, both from Indiana Christian University of Indianapolis, IN, while preaching in Michigan City, IN. 

Mr. Faull transferred work from Cincinnati Bible Seminary, Cincinnati, OH ('75-'76), and from Huntington Christian Seminary, Huntington, IN ('78), to Indiana Christian University, Indianapolis, IN, to earn his Rel.D. in 1981.
In addition, he has held ministries in Treaty, IN, Woodburn, IN, and Fort Wayne, IN. While preaching at Treaty, he founded Treaty Institute for Evangelism. It was a correspondence school which grew to 12,000 students in four years. It has since had over 189,000 students enroll. It is now called American Bible Academy in Joplin, MO. It is the largest correspondence school in the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. 
Brother Faull has had articles published in 15 religious journals. He is a frequent speaker at many Family Camps, Men's Retreats, and Revivals. He has preached in over 175 different Churches in Indiana alone. He has taught college courses in residence each year since 1969. 

George has five children who are all in the faith. 
Terry Carter
Chancellor and Founder
George L. Faull
Brenda Barker
Brenda Barker has worked as Executive Secretary at Summit since November  2001.  

She maintains Summit's Student, Transcript and Ministry databases, handles incoming orders for materials and the Sermon/Audio CD ministry. She types the master class notes and edits printed materials.  She also handles school communication, Summit's Website and bookstore.  

Her creative graphic skills have brought excellence to PowerPoint Presentations, various printed materials such as Textbooks, Brochures, Postcards, Flyers, Tracts, and Audio/Video cover artwork at Summit.  

She assists with the display booths for Summit to help promote the college and in signing up new students at various events.  
Carol See has worked at Summit since 1993. 

As Treasurer, she handles all incoming funding, billing and school financial dealings. She is known for her accuracy and attention to detail.

Carol also assisted with the display booths and sales of materials at Hillsboro Family camp until July 2015. 
Carol See
Our History
In 1974 George L. Faull established Treaty Institute for Evangelism at Treaty IN.  It grew in the first four years to 12,000 students.  It was a non degree granting institution and offered resident classes and correspondence courses.  

Thanks to Joe Garman over ten thousand of those students were prisoners.   It was given to American Rehabilitation Ministries and moved to Huntington, IN.  It  was called American Institue for Evangelism.   It was then moved to Joplin, MO and the name was changed to American Bible Academy.  Since its beginning  it has had over 189,000 students enroll in a serious study of the Word of God.   

Brother Faull moved to Woodburn Indiana and started Seminary Off-Campus Studies.   It began in 1980. It's degrees were granted by Louisville Bible College, Indiana Christian University, and Clayton University.  Several colleges accepted their work.  Dean Mills worked closely with Brother Faull as Dean of the school. He later became President of Eastern Christian College and he suggested that Seminary Off-Campus Studies evolve to a degree-granting school on its own.   

So began Summit Theological Seminary.  It was l984 when the school was incorporated and that name was chosen because it began in Ft. Wayne's tallest building, One Summit Square.    It has enjoyed a steady increase in attendance of students across the country.  Classes have been held in Woodburn, three different locations in Ft. Wayne and finally moved to its present location on State Hwy 31 in Peru, IN. Brother Terry Carter assumed the Presidency at Summit on August 1st, 2013 as Brother Faull assumed the Chancellor/Founder position.  

The school has never asked for a donation in all of the years that it has existed.  The four buildings on Airport Road were built at a cost of only $350,000 due to volunteer labor by students and members of the churches in the area. 

The school has never sought accreditation and therefore has been able to keep down the number of employees and facilities, therefore the costs per credit hour have been kept at a minimum.    Students from most of the states, and a few foreign countries, enjoy good instruction in a program that continues to enjoy respect among the churches that use the students that it produces.  

The school is operated by trustees for state approval and has brought in some outstanding men to lecture in the resident classes. It is a monument to what can be done by a few dedicated men without requiring constant requests for financial support.  People have given, but it is always unsolicited and no money has to be spent to try to oil the machinery. God has blessed Summit at every turn and we pray it may be a continual blessing to His Church.     
Quick Facts
  • Summit currently has over 2,000 students enrolled around the world. 
  • Last year 110 resident students attended the classes at Summit Theological Seminary. 
  • Summit Theological Seminary is not accredited by any accrediting institution.
  • Only 10% of the degree program can be earned by Life’s Experiences.
  • You may use a qualified instructor with our approval for a course in your program. He must hold a degree equal to the one you are pursuing.
  • Currently, 100% of our instructors graduated from schools other than Summit Theological Seminary.
  • 95% of the faculty’s highest degrees were received from regionally accredited schools.
  • We are not affiliated in any way with any other institution of higher learning.
  • Students are not encouraged to enroll in our Graduate program if they seek: (1) Ordination in mainline denominations,  (2) To become a chaplain in the Armed Services or (3) To teach on college level in accredited institutions because such institutions require accreditation.
  • Bible colleges accredited with AABC may or may not accept our under-graduate credits because we are not accredited.
What is an External Degree?
According to Bear’s Guide to Non-Traditional College Degrees, one established traditional college is closing its door forever at the rate of nearly one a week! Why? No doubt the answer lies partly in the great cost of doing business. However, there is also another reason. The American adult population has found another means of education, which is more practical and much less expensive. It is called “External Degree Program.” This program does not require attendance at a traditional college.

According to the Peterson’s Guide, “Who Offers Part-time Degree Programs,” there are 12,000,000 students in higher education. One-third of these students are over 24 years of age. The same guide also informs us that there are 3,000 accredited schools. Then we are given the names of 324 of these same schools that offer an external degree. This means that over ten percent of the accredited colleges in the United States offer an external degree. The great majority of these are state colleges and universities.

In light of these facts, we can see how remiss the Church has been in not offering bonafide education to adults through external, independent study. Summit Theological Seminary intends to correct this oversight.

The Bible, theology, education, religion, and Biblical counseling are subjects that can be learned by external methods. Unlike art, crafts, science, and vocational trade skills, these subjects lend themselves to this type of an educational approach. The reading of books, listening to taped lectures, and viewing videos and cassettes make these subjects easily grasped by the adult student. A thesis, dissertation, project, or original research demonstrates the student’s comprehension and expertise.

External degree programs are not correspondence courses, though a few correspondence courses may be allowed to be used toward the degree. There is a vast difference between correspondence courses and independent guided study.

Correspondence courses, for the most part, are usually several lessons in length, requiring “fill-in-the-blank” type questions, a short term paper, and a final supervised exam. There are 68 fully accredited colleges that offer correspondence courses in dozens of fields. We do more than that. 

Independent study, on the other hand, requires the student to acquire a bibliography, independent research, assigned reading, viewing, and listening, as well as originality in producing projects that demonstrate competency in the chosen area of study.

Summit Theological Seminary will use professors who are experts in their field to lay out programs of self-study for the mature adult that will result in a practical, inexpensive learning experience. This should assure the Church in the future a “continuing educational program” that will make every Christian a more profound student of God’s Word and world.

Learn more about Summit Theological Seminary in Walston's Guide To Christian Distance Learning.
How Are We Unique?
The School is Unique in Several Ways:

  • First, it does not offer any liberal arts education. However, it does require a basic core of liberal arts for the Bachelor’s degree. These must be transferred from other schools that are recognized by our school.
  • Second, it does not have either a music or athletic department. However, some such courses from other schools may be used as electives.
  • Third, the school will not solicit money for its operation. The school will be funded by its tuition. Some unsolicited gifts may come from those who believe in what we are attempting to do. It is our belief that many share our desire to have a college level program with an emphasis on Bible.
  • Fourth, it encourages the student to be teaching in some capacity while he is enrolled. We agree with Seneca who said, “Men learn while they teach.”
  • Fifth, it is not necessary that the student take resident courses. Though some may take residence study, others may choose to learn by means of audio, video, and reading courses. Seminars are also offered for those who can attend. Francis Bacon said, “Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.”

In short, Summit Theological Seminary exists for one basic reason: We want men and women to be “Teaching God’s Word to God’s World.” Our degrees simply state that the student has seriously disciplined themself to prepare for the task. It is the most important task in the world!
One Summit Square Fort Wayne, IN
Fort Wayne Ofc. 1989-1993
Present Offices - Peru, IN
Resident Hall Classrooms and Dorm 
2012 to Current