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Independent Study Program
SUMMIT THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY knows how busy lives can get.  We desire for everyone to be able to benefit in our classes and material so this program was created so students can enroll and receive their coursework to complete in the comforts and privacy of your own home.

When choosing your courses, the material is sent to you, along with instructions to follow to its completion.  Media of the class, along with the class notes, are sent so you can feel as if you are sitting right in the lecture.

Since everyone’s schedules are different, each student will be responsible for structuring their own personal time to devote towards their classwork.  This dedication is crucial since students will not have a set location to attend classes for accountability.

Completed work is mailed to Summit where it is reviewed, graded, logged into your student file and mailed back to you.

Mid-term and/or Final tests are sent in a sealed envelope to be opened by a proctor who oversees your testing on our behalf.  Most tests are closed book/Bible, unless otherwise stated. Your proctor (A trusted adult 18 years and older) will sign the completed test where stated.  You then mail your test to Summit who will review and grade it then log your completed test score in your student file.  Tests and all coursework are mailed back to you after reviewed and/or graded.

Any questions which arise during your work can be directed through our main contact number or by email.

No set time in when to begin – You can start today!  
No set location to drive to attend – You can study in the comforts of your own home!
No outside delays - You'll have no traffic to fight or weather to hinder your travels!
No set time to complete – You proceed at your own pace that works for your daily schedule!

If you are unable to attend the School of Preaching In-Class or Online Program, take advantage of our 
Independent Study program today!

We Bring the Classroom to YOU!