Besides his teaching responsibility at the Summit School of Preaching, George will also speak at the following engagements in these states: 
  Please call for appointments or speaking engagements should  you wish to have George L. Faull or Terry Carter in to speak. 
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2018 Calendar of Events
-- 2018

Jan 14        Church of Christ at Grissom - SS Only - Peru, IN

Jan 21        Church of Christ at Grissom - SS Only - Peru, IN

Feb 4          Church of Christ at Grissom - SS Only - Peru, IN

Mar 16-17   Co-Instructing Summit's LEAP Program - COLOSSIANS - STS - Peru, IN

Mar 18        North Baltimore Church of Christ - AM & Afternoon - North Baltimore, OH 

Apr 29-30   Laud Christian Church - Laud, IN

May 6-8      Lagrange, KY

Speaking Engagements
Mr. Faull's Speaking Schedule